Daredevil Goes From Print to Digital, New York to California

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Welp, it was bound to happen. Marvel is converting the well-reviewed Daredevil series, written by Mark Waid, from print to digital. Daredevil: Road Warrior will debut in February as the company’s newest “Infinite Comic” (following Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted and the mostly-ignored Iron Man: Fatal Frontier). Marvel uses “Infinite Comic” to describe a work that is (according to their PR) “designed specifically for mobile devices and fully embraces the technological opportunities”. In practice, it means very limited animation.

Daredevil‘s final print issue is #36, and Road Warrior, launching the week following, will have a new artist. Chris Samnee provided a distinctive look to the print version, while Peter Krause will handle the digital version. The plot will feature a “coast-to-coast journey from the Big Apple to sunny California… with thrills aplenty.”

It’s been said, and generally demonstrated, that the print comic audience doesn’t significantly overlap with the digital customer, which makes experiments like this one all the more interesting. Does Marvel want to encourage more print readers to try their online comic shop? And of course, I have to wonder about the finances. The Wolverine digital title was $2.99 weekly. No word yet on how they’ll price Daredevil. Is a book that isn’t doing all that well in print (I actually don’t know how Daredevil is doing, so this is just speculation) easier to balance the books for online? That is, might digital save fan favorites? Or are the costs relatively equivalent, no matter the format? Marvel’s been known for releasing popular books more than monthly as a way of driving up revenue; is weekly the end result of that trend?

Update: It’s now been announced that this cancellation was just to allow for a series relaunch, a way to get a new #1 in March. Sadly, that’s coming at a higher price, since the series will now be $3.99 an issue.

4 Responses to “Daredevil Goes From Print to Digital, New York to California”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    Well, this is disappointing.

  2. Rob Barrett Says:

    Daredevil has had incredibly stable but not spectacular sales in the low 30,000s. (Why a book that good sells that poorly is something about DM comics retailers and fans that makes me rip my hair out when I think about it).

    Since next year is DD’s 50th anniversary, I have no doubt that there will also be a hardcopy version of the book coming out. This is just the first move in an attempt to juice interest in the character.

  3. Why Mark Waid Doesn’t Work at DC: Thoughts on Daredevil #34 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] off-again flirtation with, which allows for some terrific banter. I’m really going to miss this title after it ends and relaunches at a higher price for a marketing stunt. I don’t *know* that […]

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    Yeah. That’s a Weirdness that needs solving.




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