Nick Cardy, RIP

I was very sorry to hear this weekend that Nick Cardy has been hospitalized. In case you’re not aware, he’s best known for his work on the Silver Age Teen Titans, Aquaman, the under-appreciated Bat Lash, and tons of DC comic covers during the 1970s. Sandy Jarrell has assembled quite the cover gallery of Cardy’s work as his “get well card”. You can find out more at Wikipedia, or in the book Nick Cardy: Behind The Art.

I had the pleasure of assisting at the 2008 Harvey Awards, where Cardy received the Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award. Here’s a picture of him at that year’s Baltimore Comic-Con (on right; left is our friend Roger Ash):

Nick Cardy and Roger

Earlier that same year, in New York, KC and I had dinner with Mr. Cardy. My favorite memory is him insisting, after he found out I’d never tried the Italian dish he chose, that I sample some of his because I needed to know more about the cuisine. Such a gentleman.

At the age of 94, it’s not surprising that he may have some health issues, but I hope you’ll join me in sending him all good wishes for a speedy recovery. And remember to appreciate the giants of our field when you can.

Update: I’m very sorry to hear that Nick Cardy passed away yesterday. Mark Evanier has a lengthy remembrance of his career. (I’ve changed the headline of this post to reflect the sad news.)

5 Responses to “Nick Cardy, RIP”

  1. Brent Matthews Says:

    Get well soon, Mr.Cardy. You’re a national treasure.

  2. Jim Craig Says:

    Get well, Nick Cardy! Above and beyond all you fantastic work…I have a soft spot for Bat Lash.

    Jim Craig (…worked at Marvel Comics)

  3. Mike Kuypers Says:

    The covers you drew for DC Comics live in my memory more than 40 years later. God bless you, Nick Cardy, and get well soon.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Just saw on George Perez’s fb page, that Mr. Cardy passed away tonight. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

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