Faith Erin Hicks to Publish Nameless City With First Second

Readers of the blog know that I’m a huge fan of Faith Erin Hicks, whose most recent work is the funny and charming Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. Now she’s announced that her next project will be The Nameless City, a three-volume historical fantasy in a Central Asia-inspired setting.

Nameless City characters by Faith Erin Hicks

First Second will be publishing the series beginning in 2016. Hicks has posted her pitch, including sample art, at the link above. She cites her inspirations for this story as Bone, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, all strong influences. The story is described as “an unlikely friendship forms between Nameless City native Rat, and Kai, whose country has recently conquered her city. The two of them must find common ground between their cultures and foil a sinister conspiracy.”

It’s a long while to wait, but that’s the problem with graphic novels — good art takes time.

One Response to “Faith Erin Hicks to Publish Nameless City With First Second”

  1. wandering-dreamer Says:

    Oh man, when I saw her say this project would take 3-4 years of her life I figured that the first volume would be out late 2014/early 2015 and it would be on-going from there, missed that it won’t even started coming out until 2016. ;-;




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