RIP, Joey Manley

Joey Manley

I was stunned this morning to hear that Joey Manley, webcomic pioneer, has passed away from pneumonia (as communicated by his partner Joe Botts). Manley founded the subscription sites Modern Tales, Serializer, Girlamatic, and Graphic Smash (formerly Adventure Strips), as remembered by T. Campbell, former site editor. Manley also launched Webcomics Nation, a hosting service; TalkAboutComics, which became a discussion site; and ComicSpace, intended to be a Facebook for comic fans.

Earlier this year, Shaenon Garrity wrote a remembrance of how game-changing Manley’s work was for the business. It created a subscription model that actually, for a bit, made webcomic creators some money by grouping them together in loose themes and charging one monthly price. One high point for me was Girlamatic, which focused on strips “by and of interest to women“.

Many creators are currently mourning on Twitter, with several mentioning how his inclusion of them in his sites showed them that they could make comics for a living.

Update: Eric Burns-White has written an outstanding obituary for Manley.

3 Responses to “RIP, Joey Manley”

  1. Jason Kimble Says:

    The Modern Tales / Graphic Smash / Girlamatic collectives were what really got me thinking about and following webcomics, and where I discovered a bunch of cartoonists I still follow today. Very sad news.

  2. Amazing Introductions Deserve Better Conclusions | Process Wonk Says:

    […] Twitter and Comics Worth Reading, I just found out that Joey Manley passed away. The Modern Tales sites hadn’t been much on my radar of late, but by originally pulling them […]

  3. Lea Hernandez Says:

    Small point of clarification: Joey and I founded GirlAMatic together. He suggested it, he and I worked out a name and model, I scouted the 1st and 2nd waves of webcomics (with the help of my successor, Lisa Jonte.)




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