Alice in Tumblr-Land

Billed as “Fairy Tales for a New Generation”, this small hardcover is aiming for the holiday gift market, perhaps as a choice for an older generation member who doesn’t know what to get the young adult who’s always on the computer.

You can get a good idea of Alice in Tumblr-Land‘s content by visiting author Tim Manley’s Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings blog, where some of this material first appeared.

Each two-page spread has a short (two- or three-paragraph) description of a disturbing feeling, facing a sepia-toned sketch of the fantasy character who’s expressing it. Beauty is concerned that her friends won’t like Beast, for example, and Little Red Riding Hood moves to a better neighborhood after running away from a Wolf stalker, while Aladdin falls for an internet scam. It’s basically “what if these fantasy characters were 20-something hipsters?” Only without updated outfits.

It’s an amusing joke, but it wears thin in a lot fewer than the 260-some pages here. I’d rather watch Once Upon a Time, since it’s not so numbingly depressing. Perhaps the target generation finds that realistic, instead of off-putting. I also found the casual profanity juvenile.

If you wind up with a copy of this, keep it in the bathroom. That’s the best place, since it’s best suited for pick-up-and-put-down reading of a few pages at a time. Otherwise, it all starts feeling the same. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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