Melanie Gillman’s Comic About Brands of Colored Pencils

Why don’t more artists make comics about their art supplies? Because few of them have this interesting a story to tell about them.

Prismacolor comic by Melanie Gillman

Melanie Gillman has created a comic called “Why I’m Breaking Up With Prismacolor” about her use of their brand of colored pencils. Melanie is known for her gorgeous shaded pencil work, so the selection of the right tool is important, and she found that the brand has changed since she started using them as a kid, now putting out an inferior product. As she says in text,

one of the reasons I decided to draw this comic is because I’ve heard Prismacolor sometimes uses my work in promotional presentations they give at comic cons. I don’t mind them doing it too much (I *did* use their products for many years!), but just want to set the record straight that I don’t use their pencils anymore, and don’t recommend them to other artists :/

I’m sorry to hear that, although they’re far from the only brand that has declined in quality over the years, but I’m glad to see another comic from her, especially a self-referential one.

2 Responses to “Melanie Gillman’s Comic About Brands of Colored Pencils”

  1. DanielBT Says:

    Here’s another amusing anecdote by Joe Ollmann about being addicted to a certain brand of inking pen.

  2. Kassandra Says:

    I just got prismacolor pencils. They aren’t what you said they were. They aren’t bent, they do have flicks of other colors, also they don’t break that easily. Of course all pencil lead breaks but not that easily. I’m pretty sure they improved the quality now.




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