Sexual Assault in an Archie Comic

I don’t have much to add to this, other than that it entertained me. Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep has posted about a simple 1980 Archie story in which Reggie has plans to frame Archie for kissing Midge. Sounds innocent enough, until you realize it involves sexual assault and setting someone up to get beaten. (There’s a reason we don’t see Moose much in modern-day stories.) The punchline is particularly odd, as the blog points out, and I won’t spoil it here. My, how times have changed — sometimes for the better!

Reggie kissing Midge

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  1. Anthony Says:

    They still use Moose, but cut back on the violence somewhat in favor of “dumb but well-meaning jock” jokes. Though they still have him get angry toward Reggie (and even Jughead, in a recent looking story in a digest I just bought—Jughead’s new mullet haircut gets caught on Midge’s necklace; cue Moose growling in the background…).

    At least he’s no longer punching someone just for saying “hi” to Midge (as in a 50s/60s story I saw) or sending Reggie hurtling through a school wall (as in a 70s story)! Imagine they’d not want to show him beating up Kevin as well. (Though “The Simpsons” had Nelson badly beat up Milhouse—to the point of being sent to the hospital in an ambulance with his ears packed with cotton–in one 90s episode after mistakenly thinking Milhouse was hitting on him, with nobody criticizing the show for such, since I guess “The Simpsons make fun of everybody!”/”is criticism-proof” is the excuse…).

  2. Rob Anderson Says:

    Sorry, but this is ridiculous. I’m surprised the headline wasn’t “Archie Comics Promote Rape Culture!”. This is like criticizing Clark Gable for kissing Scarlett without asking. Or like criticizing a film from the 40s for not passing the Bechdel test.

    But maybe this is a positive sign that all the fangirl suffragette bloggers out there have won all their battles, run out of legitimate things to be angry about. I mean, really, what’s left? Getting angry on behalf of lady cosplayers whose ass was photographed when they weren’t looking? Getting angry at a comic book writer for using the (now apparently sexist) phrase “friend zone”? Calling out a three decades old Archie comic for sexual abuse? Yeah.

    Not exactly Brownmiller vs Hefner, is it?

  3. Johanna Says:

    I think you’re looking to find offense where there isn’t any. Perhaps I should have put a smiley after every sentence, but I would hope the opening sentence “it entertained me” indicated that I wasn’t up in arms against the story, that instead I found it funny.

  4. James Schee Says:

    LOL I thought it was funny. Especially how apparently Midge has intensely lip locked with others enough to know how they kiss.

    Hmm that might not bode well for her in Afterlife with Archie though. Issue 2 had some allusions to things I guess some fans speculated about in nudge wink fashion, but I’d never expected to see in the comics.

  5. Diana Says:

    A related note: there were stories a few years ago that presented Moose as learning disabled. I’m hard pressed to recall specifics at the moment, but they were fairly well done stories.
    And quel surprise that the guys didn’t take offense at the story in their above comments! Nice little anti-feminist diatribe there, Rob. Obsess much?

  6. James Schee Says:

    I meant the post was funny, story is weird.

    That Moose story were we learned he had a learning disability was Archie at Riverdale High #98 (August 1984 cover date). In a story called “The ‘Eyes’ Have It!”, written by Sam Kujava and drawn by Stan Goldberg and Rudy Lapick.

    Johanna’s husband KC wrote about it and more Moose at




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