ComiXology Releases Online Gift Cards

ComiXology gift card

ComiXology announced today that they were offering gift cards. Once ordered (in amounts from $10 to $500), they’re sent by email and never expire, although they can only be used on the website, not in the apps. A nice touch: you can schedule the email, for now or any time up to a year later.

If my family is anything to go by, we’re giving more gift cards, fewer “real” gifts, because it’s easier to please the recipient. As you move away, it’s hard to determine what someone might want — or in the case of fans, what they don’t already have. All you have to know is which store they want to shop in.

When it comes to comic fans, there’s never been a nationwide chain, and many well-meaning parents and older relatives don’t think to venture into the local comic shop — if they even offer gift certificates. Now, those gift-givers can reward comic readers with a “gift card” (although not a physical one) that’s good no matter where they are. This is a terrific idea for ComiXology, if they can get the word out.

When will the physical gift cards be available, I wonder? You can get Amazon cards in any number of local stores, and there’s something preferable to having that piece of plastic to make it still feel like you’re giving something, instead of just transferring funds. It would be a huge next step for ComiXology.

3 Responses to “ComiXology Releases Online Gift Cards”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Wouldn’t those not comic fans (and/or don’t live near a comic shop) just consider an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card instead? A “real” bookstore would come to mind sooner than some specialty store…

  2. Johanna Says:

    True, although that doesn’t have the specificity that says “I may not know what to get you, but I at least know that you like comics.” :)

  3. Jer Says:

    For the Android app, I consider Google Play gift cards to be Comixology gift cards :)




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