Interested in Works for YA? You Should Understand “New Adult”

Gina Gagliano does an excellent job at the First Second blog of explaining the “New Adult” tag for books, and by extension, graphic novels, particularly as it relates to their recent release The Cute Girl Network.

Now that ‘New Adult’ exists, any time there is a mostly squeaky-clean book with a smidgeon of slightly racy content, all you need to do is put ‘New Adult’ on it somewhere and people will understand precisely what they are in for.

It’s the category past Young Adult, about slightly older people trying to find their way in the world, with the potential for more sexual or otherwise mature content.

4 Responses to “Interested in Works for YA? You Should Understand “New Adult””

  1. Good Comics at the Comic Shop November 20 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] of my week is The Cute Girl Network (First Second, $17.99). It’s a New Adult modern romance in graphic novel form by Greg Means, MK Reed, and Joe Flood, and I really enjoyed […]

  2. David Oakes Says:

    I understand the term, and the motivation, but it still sounds like Hipster Porn.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Ha! Actually, a lot of the New Adult books I’ve read (which isn’t all that many) aren’t that explicit — it’s just that parents are squeamish about the mention of certain subjects/activities, so they can’t be Young Adult.

  4. hapax Says:

    Ehh, it isn’t the sexual content of New Adult that turns me off, it’s the hyper-emotional ANGSTINESS of it all. Everyone seems to have a Tragic Backstory / Dysfunctional Home Life / Shattered Dream / Train Wreck / Etc. — although what else could you expect of a subgenre that habitually uses “thwarted attempted rape” as a Meet Cute?

    While I know that a lot of folks enjoy that kind of catharsis, I’m finding that I prefer characters who can laugh at themselves and get on with life (which makes me suspect that I’d rather like CUTE GIRL NETWORK, for that matter).

    In other words, I’ve turned into an Old Adult.




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