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Too much good writing lately, and not enough time to cover everything. So here are some pieces I enjoyed reading.

Chris Sims wrote an amazing review of Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years that points out how the book, taken as a whole, has selected stories that present Superman as “a depressed sad sack who never wins.” Lots of good lines in this piece, and the whole thing is worth reading as an indictment of how DC doesn’t know what to do with their flagship character. The assumption is, based on paragraphs like this, that the company is actually embarrassed by the hero:

Because it’s about how something that used to be silly and fun is actually dark and psychologically traumatizing. Because we wouldn’t want anyone to come away from this celebration of Superman thinking that anything about Superman or his foes was silly in any respect. Everything is, AND ALWAYS WAS, Very Very Serious, so you don’t have to be embarrassed about liking Superman. Because you were, right? You were totally embarrassed, which is why you bought this expensive anniversary hardcover about Superman. So you could laugh at his trunks, right? Those things are so stupid! Don’t worry, they got rid of them.

I’m going to be reviewing the companion Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years book shortly, and I hope it doesn’t take a similar “wasn’t she such an idiot for not knowing Clark’s secret identity?” tack.

io9 hosted a Q&A with a law professor about the legalities of fan fiction. Lots of good information about an area with a lot of misconceptions, although it’s in an odd format.

It takes an awful lot of crust to try and charge webcomic creators to excerpt your review of their work when you’ve already copied their strips into it, but that’s what PCMag and Ziff Davis tried. Thankfully, Ryan Estrada pointed out that fair use generally allows such quotation. Gary Tyrrell then found out they wanted about a thousand dollars for the reprints, which suggests that an online tech mag really has no idea what most webcomickers make.

Book marketers want to call what they’re doing solving the problem of book discovery because it sounds more helpful, less like selling. Yet I don’t know anyone who has trouble finding books to read — my problem is having too many!

Speaking of which, this begins my Thanksgiving vacation. I’m taking off the entire week next week from the day job in the hopes of making a huge dent in the review stack. My goal is to start the New Year relatively fresh. Let’s see how close I can get .

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