Pondering Previews for December 2013

Diamond Previews orders are due to stores by December 18. Here’s a sampling of books I think are worth reading.

The Walking Man coverBabys in Black cover
The Walking ManBaby’s in Black
by Jiro Taniguchiby Arne Bellstorf
Fanfare / Ponent Mon, $25 USFirst Second, $15.99 US
DEC13 1179, due FebruaryDEC13 1180, due February
I’m thrilled to see that The Walking Man is coming back into print in a 10th anniversary edition hardcover. It’s a great set of stories, a book I’ve long recommended, and now, it’s more affordable than the used prices often asked for it.Just in time for various 50th anniversary celebrations, First Second is putting Baby’s in Black, the story of Astrid Kirchherr, Stu Sutcliffe, and the young Beatles in Germany, out in paperback.
The Dumbest Idea Ever! coverZot!: The Complete Black and White Collection: 1987-1991 cover
The Dumbest Idea Ever!Zot!: The Complete Black and White Collection: 1987-1991
by Jimmy Gownleyby Scott McCloud
Graphix/Scholastic, $11.99 USHarperCollins, $24.95 US
DEC13 1190, due FebruaryDEC13 1193, due January
I just reviewed this non-fiction graphic novel about the start of Jimmy Gownley’s career as a comic artist during his teen years and how he self-published his first books. It’s a fun, enlightening read.It is completely true to say that Scott McCloud changed my life. If not for Zot!, my first indy, I wouldn’t have stayed reading comics after I burnt out on superheroes the first time, so I wouldn’t have met my husband. So I have quite the fondness for his work, and it helps that it’s so good. This volume came out five years ago, at which point it was one of my best of the year, but since it reprints stories from 20 years ago, that doesn’t really matter, does it? If you haven’t read them already, you should.
The Bunker #1 coverAlone Forever cover
The BunkerAlone Forever
by Joshua Fialkov and Joe Infurnariby Liz Prince
Oni Press, $3.99 USTop Shelf Productions, $9.95 US
DEC13 1233, due FebruaryDEC13 1293, due February
I previously wrote about this title’s transition from digital to print. Either way, it’s an intriguing read.Liz Prince, author of Delayed Replays (offered again this month), has a new book collecting her webcomic strips. Sadly, Alone Forever: The Singles Collection tells us that her relationship from Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? didn’t last.
The Bojeffries Saga coverInsufficient Direction cover
The Bojeffries SagaInsufficient Direction
by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouseby Moyoco Anno and Hideaki Anno
Top Shelf Productions, $14.95 USVertical, $14.95 US
DEC13 1294, due FebruaryDEC13 1312, due February
Ever since I borrowed an earlier edition of The Bojeffries Saga from a friend, I’ve wanted my own copy. It’s my favorite Alan Moore story.A manga about the life and loves of a manga creator should be a fascinating read.
High School Debut (3-in-1 Edition) coverThermae Romae Book 3 cover
High School Debut (3-in-1 Edition)Thermae Romae Book 3
by Kazune Kawaharaby Mari Yamazaki
Viz, $14.99 USYen Press, $40 US
DEC13 1343, due FebruaryDEC13 1364, due February
I enjoyed reading this shojo manga series when it ran in single volumes five years ago. It’s cute and funny and not overly sweet, about a tomboy who needs coaching to get a boyfriend. Now you can get three books’ worth for half price.I hadn’t realized there was another volume in this hilarious series about an ancient Roman builder of public baths who keeps winding up in modern Japan and using what he learns to improve his career.

And a Note

Dark Horse is launching a series called Pariah, only it’s not new. It’s a continuation of something previously put out by the Dabel Brothers’ Sea Lion Books. They released four issues in 2011 (I reviewed the first issue) and attempted a relaunch with a new #1 in January of this year. (Dark Horse is also putting out a collection of the first four issues next month.) Pariah is no longer listed at Sea Lion’s website, so no idea what happened there. I just think that, particularly if this first issue is a reprint of the last Sea Lion issue, publishers ought to be more forthcoming about whether material has been offered before elsewhere.

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