Milestone Founders Discuss Company’s 20th Anniversary With Hard N.O.C. Life

To mark the 20th anniversary of Milestone Comics, Hard N.O.C. Life host Keith Chow arranged a video podcast with some amazing guests. Joining him were company co-founders Denys Cowan and Michael Davis; production manager/writer Erica Well; editor/writer Joseph Phillip Illidge; and artist Shawn Martinbrough. Here’s the show, which runs a little over an hour.

You can find out more about the podcast series at the Nerds of Color website, where they cover “pop culture with a different perspective”. You might also enjoy watching this 15-minute history of Milestone Comics, which includes comment by the much-missed Dwayne McDuffie.

One Response to “Milestone Founders Discuss Company’s 20th Anniversary With Hard N.O.C. Life”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    I saw the image of Dwayne before reading the text, and just for a second I believed that Michael Davis had just stepped out of the shower muttering about the weird dream he had.

    Stupid reality.

    (But it does remind me I should honor his memory more. So that is a good thing.)




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