Good Comics at the Comic Shop December 4

Today, there are a number of great releases scheduled to appear at your local comic shop. I’m highlighting some notable titles worth paying attention to.

Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Comfort and Adam, $29.99) is an action-packed adventure about a girl, tired of her boring, black-and-white life, who discovers a much more colorful community that fights monsters, unseen by the normals. Since this is comics, the colors are more than just metaphor. The themes, of consumerism keeping us unthinking drones and creativity “awakening” us, are typical, but the action is told with energy and verve.

The first collection of Ghosted (Image Comics, $9.99) is out at a bargain price. The story combines a crime caper with supernatural violence and plenty of double-crosses as Jackson Winters is busted from prison to capture a ghost for a crazy rich man. It was the cast, a mixed group of skeptics and lowlifes, con artists and mystics, that most interested me.

There are also a couple of books aimed at particular audiences. Dark Horse has released CBLDF Presents Manga Introduction Challenges And Best Practices ($15.99), a helpful guide to the popular comics translated from Japan. It’s been produced in conjunction with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in order to inform retailers, librarians, and parents about the various genres and terms relating to manga. It’s easy to read and packed with information.

A little further afield is The Geek’s Guide to Dating (Quirk Books, $14.95), an advice book illustrated with 8-bit art. It’s aimed at boys, and sometimes the geek content overwhelms the dating help, but the suggestions are helpful, if basic.

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