Great Advice on How to Start Selling Ebooks of Your Webcomic Quickly

Ryan Estrada self-portrait

Ryan Estrada has posted a quick-and-dirty post on how to make an ebook of your webcomic. He covers putting together a PDF or CBZ and setting up a gumroad sales page. Then he goes on to cover why someone might buy work already available free online.

What if you make it and nobody buys it? First of all, waaah. That took like 12 1/2 seconds, total. If even one reader wants an ebook of your work, it’s worth the time investment. And let me tell you something: I buy PDFs all the time. I buy PDFs of comics available in their entirety free online all the time.

I’d add that most all comic work is available online already, so providing an option allows you to possibly gather some income, instead of none.

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