Alter Ego Publishes Missing “Last” Issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide

Alter Ego #122

Comics Buyer’s Guide, the long-running fan newspaper (later magazine) ceased publication abruptly earlier this year with issue #1699. Since the decision to stop the magazine came after that issue had gone to press, there was no acknowledgment of the end of the era in the publication itself.

Now, comic history magazine Alter Ego is seeking to remedy that. Publisher TwoMorrows has announced that Alter Ego #122 (out next Wednesday) will be “a tribute to the late, great Comics Buyer’s Guide, offering CBG‘s founders and past contributors a chance to pay their respects to the long-running news/adzine.” Says John Morrow, “[Editor] Roy [Thomas] rounded up almost all of the columnists I remember from my days reading TBG/CBG, including Mark Evanier, Tony Isabella, Peter David, Fred Hembeck, John Lustig, plus founder Alan Light and his second-in-command Murray Bishoff, as well as Maggie Thompson and Brent Frankenhoff, who were all delighted to have a chance to give it a proper send-off.” I’m going to be sure to read this issue, because it sounds like a lovely farewell.

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  1. Chad Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Johanna! Like Morrow, I hand;t been a regular subscriber for a long, long time, but I was sad to see CBG go out without a proper sendoff. Great idea, TwoMorrows!




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