Toronto Residents Get Studio Ghibli Film Festival
December 5, 2013

Starting later this month, TIFF Cinematheque (an offshoot of the Toronto International Film Festival) will be presenting Spirited Away: The Films of Studio Ghibli, a retrospective featuring 18 movies from the influential Japanese studio.

Studio Ghibli at TIFF Cinematheque

From December 13 to January 3, the exhibited films range from the best-known (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke) to the infrequently shown (Only Yesterday, The Ocean Waves) and include the rarely-screened Grave of the Fireflies (about surviving a World War II bombing) and the newer From up on Poppy Hill. According to the press release, “audiences will have the chance to experience many of the films in two versions: in their original language with English subtitles, and star-studded dubbed versions voiced by high-profile talent”. Tickets for the general public go on sale next Wednesday, December 11.

4 Responses  
Lynn writes:  

Does that mean Only Yesterday is commercially available!? That is hands down my favorite Takahata Ghibli film, but I haven’t ever seen it commercially available.

Johanna writes:  

For screenings, but not for US consumer purchase, apparently. According to this website, it’s only available in English in the Australian and UK markets. If you have a non-region player, I guess you could import it.

Jim Perreault writes:  

Too bad “From Up on Poppy Hill” is only playing on Christmas. I wold have liked to have seen that.

His latest is not part of it, which I would have like to see as well.

There was a similar retrospective in DC a few years back, but the 2 most recent films were not in it.

Johanna writes:  

I’m pretty sure that the financial arrangements to air a new release is different than older movies in a retrospective.


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