The Shadow Comes to Blu-ray in Collector’s Edition
December 7, 2013

I have a fondness for this movie, cheesy as it is. It’s got young, broody, hairy-chested Baldwin and a winking sense of humor. Shout! Factory has announced that they will be releasing The Shadow on Blu-ray on February 25.

Based on the pulp stories and radio shows, the 1994 movie stars Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston, a playboy who gains the power to cloud men’s minds to atone for his past. He attempts to save 1930s New York City from a descendent of Genghis Khan who wants to detonate an atomic bomb. Also appearing are Penelope Ann Miller (as Margo Lane, the sassy love interest who won’t take no for an answer), John Lone, Tim Curry, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellen (Margo’s missing scientist dad), and Jonathan Winters as the goofy police captain.

The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will have a new high-definition transfer and all-new interviews with director Russell Mulcahy, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller, writer David Koepp, and others. Additional bonus features are also a possibility.

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