Soulless: The Manga Book 3

As this third volume in the series begins, Lady Maccon, nee Alexia Tarabotti, is in quite a pickle. She’s pregnant, and since her husband is a werewolf and they can’t mate with humans, everyone assumes she’s been fooling around, thus justifying their shunning her. Even the queen has sent her a note just to say that she’s no longer welcome at Buckingham Palace and that she’s lost her position with the Shadow Council.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the reason she was involved with the Shadow Council in the first place was her ability to turn supernatural creatures mortal when they touch her. (Which explains the baby, if you think about it … and then blush.)

Given her state, Alexia decamps for Europe, in an attempt to gain help and advice on her condition. Meanwhile, the vampires are after her, and her husband keeps getting drunk, which leaves him in no state to lead his wolf pack. Then there are the Templars, a religious order of knights who have sworn to eliminate all supernaturals.

This is all very frothy, silly stuff, but fun. Rem does an excellent job illustrating the costumes and expressions that make the soap opera entertaining. Everyone’s got spunk and attitude and is convinced they’re absolutely right, no matter what. The characters are strongly portrayed with lots of personality, making their interactions entertaining. Plus, there’s plenty of humor, a welcome touch. There are chases and plots and battles and most importantly, a nice romance between Alexia and her often-naked husband.

The worst part of the series is that, at least for now, this is the last volume. There are more novels in the series, so I guess I’ll have to switch to prose for Alexia’s further adventures and to find out what happens with her child. (The publisher provided a review copy.)


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  2. If you’re going to read the last two Parasol Protectorate books, you’ll need to read the third one as well. I read on Ms. Carriger’s blog that it ends differently from the manga in a way that could be really significant. You might be a little lost if you jump straight from the third manga to the fourth book.

    That said, all the books are awesome and you should read them anyway. :D

  3. Ah, good advice, thank you. I’m planning to read all the novels from the start, just to pick up on details I missed in the manga.

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