Delia Awesome Gives an Indy Band Groupie Superpowers

Delia Awesome #1 cover

Delia Awesome, by Michael Schneider, is the story of how Delia gets superpowers. When we meet her, she’s being dumped by her long-time boyfriend. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since she does nothing but drink and wait around for him. There’s mention of her own unachieved creative drives, but not enough detail to know precisely what he’s referring to — although we see that his band is doing relatively well, for a young group. I hope we find out more about her dreams in future issues.

I was more interested in the relationship between the couple and how she was going to dig herself out of her depression than the science fiction elements, so the alien and the superpowers seemed a bit unnecessary to me, but then, I feel that way about most indy superhero comics. (Really, we have more than enough of that genre, try doing something different.) This doesn’t seem like it’s aiming to be a superhero comic, though, but more of a slice-of-life tale about how Delia copes with an unusual life change (that’s so far more destructive than helpful). That’s a good thing, since Schneider’s style — influenced by such notables as Peter Bagge, Los Bros Hernandez, and Stan Sakai — is better suited to the quieter scenes.

Issue #1 can be read online, or a print copy can be bought from IndyPlanet or at Chicago-area comic shops. Issue #2 is due out in mid-March, to appear at the Chicago Zine Fest.

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