Good Comics at the Comic Shop December 31

It’s the closing of the year, but there are still comics today at your local comic shop. Here’s what I found worth drawing your attention to.

Celebrated Summer (Fantagraphics Books, $16.99) by Charles Forsman is about two teen boys who take acid before a road trip. I found it meandering and aimless, without enough of a point of view for me to recommend it, but the art is nicely done. The scenes where the boys get lost in their observations, due to the drugs, fit well in the formally paneled comic format, and the linework making up the backgrounds is skillful. The monologues, where silent image panels alternate with blocks of words, are well-written, without seeming too self-indulgent. I just didn’t care about these two or their worries. If you’re more sympathetic to yet another tale of boys worrying about and putting off life, you may appreciate it more. I think I’d have been more charitable if this was a minicomic instead of a thin-spined book.

From DC’s Vertigo imprint comes a new series, Dead Boy Detectives ($2.99). With characters created by Neil Gaiman, I loved the graphic novel by Jill Thompson back in 2005. I worry that the concept missed its window, but I’m excited by the new female character, particularly since I like the idea of the culture clash with the long-dead Edwin. Let’s see how artist and co-writer Mark Buckingham does with the property. Mike Sterling says it’s a little slow to get going.

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