KC Recommends Some Superhero Comics

KC’s latest Westfield column provides some brief thoughts on Marvel comics he’s enjoying, although some of what he praises is going away, as creative teams keep changing. I learned, among other things, “The Nova soldiers are roughly the Marvel equivalent of the Green Lantern Corps.”

One Response to “KC Recommends Some Superhero Comics”

  1. Jim Perreault Says:

    I, too, find that I am reading much more Marvel than DC these days for much the same reasons. ( I am down to Worlds’ Finest, which has little ties to the rest of the New 52 U.)

    I agree that individuals get lost with the large caste of characters in Avengers. That is why I prefer New Avengers, as it has a much greater focus on character development. Which is surprising since that book has all the big name players. But even that book has very little in the way of action.

    For that, Avengers Assemble fits the bill, which is probably what that title was intended for. That and Captain Marvel are the two Marvel titles not on your list that I would recommend.




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