Cliff Chiang Modern Masters Finally Due Out This Month

I’ve been anticipating this entry in the TwoMorrows Modern Masters series since it was announced last spring. I don’t know why it was delayed, but I’m anticipating some lovely art examples and the typical lengthy interview. Modern Masters: Cliff Chiang is the 29th book in the series (by numbering — it’s actually 28, because Volume 23, Darwyn Cooke, never came out). Its new release date is January 29, three weeks away, and there’s a preview available at the publisher’s website. (Or according to Amazon, you can get it next week from them.)

I’m still waiting for them to dub a woman a Modern Master, by the way. There’s gotta be someone who has enough sketchbook art to put out a book and enough interested fans in the direct market to buy it. Colleen Doran? Jill Thompson? Pia Guerra?

6 Responses to “Cliff Chiang Modern Masters Finally Due Out This Month”

  1. Chris Arrant Says:

    Thanks for writing about this, Johanna. I’m the writer of this MODERN MASTERS edition, and the blame for the delays in the book lay at my feet. My father passed last year and it took me out of the loop for an inordinate amount of time. Cliff, Eric and TwoMorrows were very gracious and understanding and we’ve pulled together and finished the book.

    Glad you’re excited about the book — Cliff and I go into a lot of new territory and also nuances to the works he’s best known for.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Chris, and thank you for letting us know what happened. I love Cliff’s work, and I’m eager to see more of it. And now that I know you wrote it, I have even higher expectations for enjoying it!

  3. bottleHeD Says:

    What’s the story on Darwyn Cooke’s missing edition?

  4. Johanna Says:

    Not sure. The book was announced and solicited in 2009, but in 2010, TwoMorrows put out a statement to the effect that there were scheduling conflicts with Cooke and they hoped to be able to reschedule “shortly”. I haven’t heard anything since.

  5. Perry Tanko Says:

    Cover made me think of Linda Carter and Wonder Woman.

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