A Disturbing Comic Diary on Alcoholism and Depression

Julia Wertz, the talented autobiographical cartoonist behind Drinking at the Movies, has posted a comic essay about coming to terms with alcoholism and depression.

Julia Wertz panels

If you ask someone who works in comedy what is the most difficult part of being professionally funny, many, if not most of them, will tell you it’s the depression. I’m not saying all funny people are depressed, but having spent a lot of time with cartoonists, comedians, and comedy writers over the past decade, I can assure you that the percentage of those struggling with depression is higher than average.

My theory is that since the best comedy often springs from tragedy, cynicism, sarcasm and misanthropy, those who excel in comedy usually come from a background comprised of those events and character defects.

It’s disturbing, and although it feels honest, since it’s a story of how she previously played her life for audience reaction, it’s hard to know just how accurate it is. But ultimately, like her previous work, it doesn’t matter. What does is that it feels real, and that’s something people can see themselves or others they know in, or just imagine what it might be like to feel that way.

Wertz also talks about how she created her most recent book, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, why she hasn’t cartooned since (although she has future plans to do so), and another unpublished graphic novel.

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