Lucy Knisley’s Next Two Books Coming From Fantagraphics

An Age of License

After the successful First Second release of Relish: My Life in the Kitchen (one of the best books of 2013, in my opinion), Lucy Knisley has decided to bring out her next two graphic novels from Fantagraphics. Both are travel memoirs in comics form, much like Relish, although the format speaks to more of a journal structure.

In Fall 2014, An Age of License promises to tell “Knisley’s charming and romantic adventures across Europe on a quest to discover what is truly important in life [and] find love along the way.” The black-and-white with some color format the publisher will be using reminds the long-time Knisley follower of French Milk, her 2008 story of a trip to France with her mother. The Beat has preview pages.

Displacement, coming in Summer 2015, is the story of Knisley taking her elderly grandparents on a cruise and “pondering the meaning of life, while trying to hold her family together.” Knisley describes her books as “an exploration of youth and freedom, versus responsibility and family, and I’m so glad Fantagraphics is the company to help me tell these stories.”

I’ll read anything Lucy Knisley does, because I adore her linework and her perspective on life.

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