Remember: Free Comic Book Day Costs Money

Brian Hibbs points out the same thing I was reminding people about seven years ago now — retailers have to pay for their Free Comic Book Day comics.

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There are 57 titles this year, a ridiculous number, and there is no single customer who would legitimately want all of them. Based on subject matter, I mean. So don’t go asking for all of them just to satisfy some weird collector’s urge. As Hibbs points out, with shipping, your retailer is spending almost $20 per set of FCBD books. If you do want them all, offer to chip in.

Let your store put some money into attracting new customers with the giveaways. Concentrate on the ones you want. Hopefully, your shop is also doing some kind of special offer for the existing customers, so maybe take advantage of any sales. FCBD, May 3 this year, is the closest thing comics has to a national holiday, and we’re talking about it now because now’s when preorders are due. Such is the comic market.

3 Responses to “Remember: Free Comic Book Day Costs Money”

  1. Torsten Adair Says:

    Actually, there were 60 of them.
    Hmm… looks like some were dropped…

    And yes, I want all of them.
    Partly for review purposes, partly for historical completeness.

    In the past, in New York City, I’ve made a request of my local retailer who carried all the titles. In exchange for the complete set, I make a donation to the CBLDF (in memory of “The Salon”).

    This year, I’ll order them directly, and probably give them out at Halloween.

  2. Kat Kan Says:

    I ordered all the kid/teen-friendly titles to hand out at my school, along with lots of copies of the CBLDF Raising a Reader – this last one is going to every family at my school, and I’ll be donating some to my local public library. I also posted to a couple of library listservs, encouraging librarians to partner with their local comics retailers. Problem is, some retailers are not cooperating with the librarians …

  3. Johanna Says:

    That’s unfortunate to hear, although I suppose some retailers might short-sightedly consider a place to get free books competition instead of another outlet to encourage reading.




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