KC’s Previews for April 2014

The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 1962-1971

For those of you who wonder why I don’t always do a monthly Previews picks writeup, it’s because KC always gets the catalog first, in order to write his column for Westfield. The latest installment is up, listing notable comic book collections, strip reprints, and books about comics.

A high point this month is a new Archie Comics reprint series, a historical look at The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 1962-1971. I hadn’t realized that, as KC points out, Sabrina was originally a bad girl! Reading these early stories, although in black-and-white, not color, should be a hoot.

Oh, as to why KC’s writing affects me? By the time we talk about what’s appearing and I copy edit his column, I feel like I’ve already gone through it, so I forget to share my own perspective. Oops!

And yeah, I missed KC’s Previews for March. Those columns ran in two parts, one for comic book and strip reprints and one with modern comic highlights, including why he likes Wolverine and the X-Men.

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  1. Arion Says:

    I think I only remember Sabrina from that Nickoledeon series. I’m not too familiar with the comic, and in fact, I think the only Archie comic I’ve read so far is After Life With Archie (which is so great).




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