About Comics Releases Romance Comics “Mad Libs” Book

About Comics has announced the release of The Most ADJECTIVE Romance Comics Ever!, a collection of love comic pages with terms blanked out so you can fill them in with your own choices. Remember Mad Libs? Like that, only without violating the trademark.

Each one- to three-page story can be played with friends, with one person calling out the word type — noun, adjective, animal, body part — or alone, using an included form list of the words needed for each story. The publisher has posted a sample page so you can get the idea. Here’s an example panel:

Most Adjective sample panel

It’s not available through comic stores, only at Amazon — the link is to the right.

One Response to “About Comics Releases Romance Comics “Mad Libs” Book”

  1. Perry Tanko Says:

    These were my guilty pleasure during a certain boring class back in High school. Love these, lol, they are good!




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