Marvel Once Published a Whole Book of Mistakes… On Purpose!

Official Marvel No-Prize Book

KC’s latest Westfield column reminds us of The Official Marvel No-Prize Book, a comic I had no idea existed! It sounds like the internet in a comic, full of examples of past mistakes, the kind of book that could only come out in an era when the company would make fun of itself. (See also: Assistant Editor’s Month.)

KC also provides a brief history of the No-Prize and some examples of his favorite Marvel comic book mistakes. What a great idea for a humor comic!

One Response to “Marvel Once Published a Whole Book of Mistakes… On Purpose!”

  1. Pj Says:

    You’ve never heard of it? Wow. I still have my copy from when I was a kid. One of my favorite things ever. Came out around the same time as the Marvel Fumetti Book, as well (which I also still have). Ah, the old days…




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