What Would You Do With 30 Minutes to Live?

Greg Thelen has a dynamite concept, and he’s hiring some terrific artists to illustrate it. Each 10-page comic, posted monthly, explores the idea of “30 Minutes to Live” with different characters and situations. How someone would react to the end of the world tells a lot about their personality, after all.

Carol & Rita by Greg Thelen and Rachel Dukes

“Carol & Rita”, illustrated by Rachel Dukes, shows us two student friends talking about the possibility of an afterlife and their secret confessions.

Overseas by Greg Thelan and Tomasz Witas

“Overseas”, illustrated by Tomasz Witas, looks at two soldiers in our neverending war and the shocking effects battle can have.

Born on the Last Day on Earth by Greg Thelan and Melanie Gillman

“Born on the Last Day on Earth”, illustrated by Melanie Gillman, is explained in the title, but there’s much more to the story than that.

For more, check back on the first Tuesday of each month.

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