What Makes a Digital Comic? This Top Ten List Sticks With Old Favorites

PC Magazine online, of all places, published a slideshow of “10 Digital Comics You Should Read Right Now”, a way to promote comics for tablet and smartphone use. The introduction spells out that they don’t want to cover webcomics, which is fine. I know some disagree, but separating the two still makes sense to me in terms of format and/or storytelling.

However, after an introduction like this:

There’s still something to be said for the experience of holding a paper comic in your hand, and collectors especially still see print as the preferred, beloved comic book platform. But, for many, mylar bags, price guides, and long boxes are all things of the past.

I was surprised to see the 10 items selected, because they are mostly better known as print comics. Here’s their list:

  1. Amelia Cole (Monkeybrain)
  2. Batman Beyond (DC)
  3. Five Ghosts (Image)
  4. Hawkeye (Marvel)
  5. Locke & Key (IDW)
  6. The Manhattan Projects (Image)
  7. Molly Danger (Action Lab/Kickstarter)
  8. Prophet (Image)
  9. Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios)
  10. The Superior Spider-Man (Marvel)

Ok, there’s one Monkeybrain title, but that digital-first company puts out so many more good books! And what about Thrillbent or other digital original titles and publishers? (And why would you pick Batman Beyond over the more enjoyable Batman ’66 or Batman: Li’l Gotham?) When I see a list specifically headed “digital comics”, I expect to see more about comics breaking ground in that space, less about established favorites and existing publishers and books better known in print.

The list was generated by polling “the PCMag.com staff”, so perhaps these choices simply reflect that bigger companies have better advertising and brand awareness. They state they plan to update the list monthly, and they’ll take suggestions from readers, so maybe they just need some gentle recommendations.

2 Responses to “What Makes a Digital Comic? This Top Ten List Sticks With Old Favorites”

  1. Jer Says:

    The list does not include Bandette, so it is false. Any list of must-read digital comics that doesn’t include Bandette is just wrong. (That said, Amelia Cole should also be on that list, as should the serialization of Molly Danger that Action Labs is doing).

    OTOH – Batman Beyond is an awesome superhero comic. Batman ’66 is better on most levels of craft, but for a weekly dose of pure superhero fun it’s hard to beat the combination of Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond.

    (I’m also irritated that DC doubled the price of the Batman ’66 digital comic suddenly and without an explanation of why I should be paying double. Did they up the page count? You can’t tell with the “Guided View Native” format if they have or not. And DC either didn’t put out any kind of press release to sell a reason for why the price increase was needed or they put it somewhere that I haven’t been able to find it. So now I’m waiting for collections on that one.)

  2. Johanna Says:

    Bandette looks amazing, but I would be more excited about it if every issue didn’t seem to be an introduction. I was hoping, in a series, for some forward movement and perhaps, occasionally, a conclusion of some sort as well. It seems to me to want to explore its world more than tell stories, but as I said, beautiful visual work.

    Oooh, yeah, Batman 66 went to $2 5 issues ago, and in the middle of a storyline, too. Ouch. I guess it was too good a deal otherwise, or they weren’t getting enough buyers for the profits they wanted. Good catch.




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