Beware the Batman Now Available, Blu-ray Warner Archive Only
February 20, 2014

This is an intriguing release strategy — Warner put out this week on home video Beware the Batman, their new CGI Batman cartoon. The Season 1, Part 1 set includes 13 episodes, two of which have not yet aired on Cartoon Network. (There’s some question when, or if, the show will be returning.)

If you want DVD, that is available through the usual outlets (including Amazon, as shown here). However, if you want Blu-ray, that is only available through the Warner Archive online store. Both versions have the same list price, $19.95, although the DVD version is usually discounted from that. And as we’ve previously discussed, selling directly means the studio keeps more of the money for themselves, without distribution costs.

I was lucky enough to get a review copy, so I’ll be checking out the show for the first time soon. I’m looking forward to seeing Katana as a major cast member.

I hadn’t before noticed the logo, where the words “Beware the” make up the holes in the B, which is pretty clever. Also, we’re promised that the show “dives deep into the Batman mythos to bring some of the more outre members of the world’s greatest rogues gallery including Professor Pyg, Lady Shiva, Humpty Dumpty, Anarky, and Magpie.” So it should be interesting to see lesser-used characters, too.

Beware the Batman logo

Beware the Batman still

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Thad writes:  

I think the mandate to go with lesser-known Batman rogues is the best idea the show’s had (though building up to Ra’s al Ghul as a major villain undercuts it somewhat).

On the whole I like it all right; it’s not as good as the Timm-era stuff or The Brave and the Bold, but those set a bar about as high as a Batman cartoon can set a bar. It’s better out the gate than The Batman was, though it got better when it found its footing in later seasons. I’m hoping this show has a chance to do that too. But if it’s canceled, it’s not like it’ll be very long before we get another Batman cartoon anyway.

James Schee writes:  

It was an ok show but I didn’t like it enough to track down and watch it after the fourth episode. Katana was ok but underused in what I saw.

I don’t like this version of Alfred (a similar version appeared in the Geoff Johns Batman Earth One GN) at all. To me if everyone is super strong and deadly it just isn’t that interesting. Plus i always liked that the one person who could hurt Batman the most, and wasn’t afraid to tell him when he was a fool. Was this slight little, kind of stuffy but with a big heart, British gentleman.

If it gets scrapped and we get the version in the DC Animated movies instead, that’ll work fine for me.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, dear, killer Alfred? Yeah, that doesn’t sound right. I don’t understand why otherwise talented writers and creators don’t understand that you need a variety of character types, not everyone all super-powered.

Thad, you’re right, there will always be a Batman cartoon. :) At least that allows them to try different things, even if I don’t care for all the approaches.

Daniel writes:  

I love this show and the CG Green Lantern series from a couple of years ago. I was initially put off by the style but quickly warmed to it (so much so that I actually like it more than BTAS (which I found to be wildly inconsistent in both story as well as animation)). I really like that it was willing to break with canon and be different from other Batman series that came before. I’m kind of bummed that it (apparently) never found an audience.

Anthony writes:  

This show was better than “The Batman” (which I didn’t like at all), but wasn’t overly impressed. I didn’t like the change to Alfred either, for the reasons described above. I also wonder if the lack of any A-list Bat-villains (Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, etc) the general public (or kids) have heard of also has led to its current state of hiatus.

And yes, I’m sure there’ll be Yet Another Batman cartoon coming along… too much of a cash cow to risk using any of the 8 zillion other characters DC owns for a series. ;-)

JD writes:  

I’m curious how they made Pr Pyg even remotely kid-friendly, as his original modus operandi is even creepier than the Mad Hatter’s.

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