Marvel Expands TV Graphic Novels With Revenge Secret Origin

I’m impressed with what Marvel publishing is doing with their original graphic novel TV tie-ins. The Castle line appears to be doing very well, and it was no surprise to hear that they were doing a Once Upon a Time tie-in, given the fantasy aspects of the show.

Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne

The newest announcement, though, is a bit of a departure from the geek-friendly titles. Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne will be available on September 3, a 112-page hardcover that follows Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) on “her first mission of revenge”. Set before the events of the soapy TV show, which focuses on Emily’s attempt to get back at the Graysons, a high-ranking family who framed her father for a crime and caused his death, the graphic novel will show her training in Japan and “infiltrating a high society of excess and intrigue in Geneva, Switzerland. There, she uncovers new secrets about her past while preparing for her future.” Of course, the enemy she finds there will have “surprising … ties to the same people who destroyed her life.”

The graphic novel will be written by TV series writer Ted Sullivan and Erica Schultz with art by Vincenzo Balzano. The cover (shown here) is by Dustin Nguyen and has a Kill Bill feel to it. According to Schultz, the younger Emily will make more mistakes and have to learn lessons that prepare her for the events of the show. Meanwhile, Sullivan is focusing on the superhero comic similarities:

“Emily is a comic book character! She has a secret identity. She poses as a rich socialite who exacts revenge for a childhood tragedy. Even her famous dark “hoodie” is a type of superhero costume. She has all the classic comic book tropes that make her and her adventures a perfect fit for an original graphic novel with Marvel.”

(Way to downplay the variety of stories comics can tell there, Ted.)

I thought, given the selection of this property, that Disney/Marvel might have determined that these books sell well to women (traditionally heavier book buyers than men). However, the slant of this announcement suggests that they’re focusing on the “tough chick learning to fight” aspect that fits in better with stereotypes of the comic market. We’ll have to see what the contents look like when the book arrives this fall, in time for the new TV season.

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  1. André Says:

    With Erica Schultz being involved (based on her own “M3″ crime series), I bet it’ll be great.




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