I Like Funny Superhero Comics: A+X #17

A+X #17 cover

The A+Xseries is a great concept — an anthology with stand-alone stories that team up an X-Men character with an Avengers member. Because it’s mostly one-offs, different creators can contribute, and the variety of story types are more diverse than you usually see have been included. Plus, the character choices can be wacky, as here, in A+X #17, “Iron Man + Broo” by Jeff Loveness and Paco Diaz, with a super-intelligent alien kid excited about interning with grumpy Tony Stark.

Unfortunately, while each issue used to have two stories, now, one of them is a standard superhero action seralization, “Captain America + Cyclops” by Gerry Duggan, David Yardin, Cam Smith, and Terry Pallot. I don’t care much for it, so the series has become much less of a must-read for me (since half of it I ignore).

Anyway, I enjoyed the first story, and here’s a page with gags that show why. Particularly the Thor crack. Superhero comics should have more humor, since they’re inherently ludicrous, and the light-hearted ones are my favorite. It shouldn’t surprise me that this was funny, since writer Jeff Loveness works for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

A+X #17 page by Jeff Loveness and Paco Diaz

2 Responses to “I Like Funny Superhero Comics: A+X #17”

  1. Pat Says:

    There is a lack of humour in superhero comics. It makes me miss Damage control a personal favourite.

    Also I think Broo was killed off in wolverine and the x men( last issue I read a fair while back now) which seemed a waste of a character

  2. JD Says:

    Broo spent a few months in a coma and then brain-damaged, but he eventually recovered and went back to his old self. He’s fine now.




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