Thor: The Dark World Eliminates Combo Pack Option
February 25, 2014

Out today is Thor: The Dark World on home video. (It’s been available for digital purchase since the beginning of the month, February 4.) Your options for purchase are as follows:

Thor: The Dark World 3-D version coverThor: The Dark World Blu-ray coverThor: The Dark World DVD cover
Thor: The Dark World 3-D combo packThor: The Dark World Blu-rayThor: The Dark World DVD

The only multi-disc pack is the 3-D version, which comes with two Blu-rays, one standard, one 3-D, and a digital copy. The other versions are single discs, either Blu-ray or DVD. Which means that there’s no way to get a Blu-ray/DVD combo without paying twice. And the Blu-ray version is widely available at roughly $20, the same price as the previous movie’s Blu-ray + DVD + digital copy edition. So customers are being asked to pay more for less.

Clearly, Disney seems to think that doubling up is either something fans no longer care about (not the case, judging from Amazon review comments, where people talk about how handy the DVD is for car players, loaning out, or other purposes) or something we should be required to pay for. After all, they’re the company that for a while was charging $5 more for a digital copy with its combo packs.

I’m no longer qualified for Marvel’s review copy list, so I was expecting to buy the movie today. But when I realized this was the situation, I passed. I’ll wait until the price goes down, since for a single Blu-ray that isn’t a must-have-immediately, I aim to pay about $10. If I could have gotten a combo pack (a format that matched the previous film), I would have paid the $20 on release day.

It’ll be interesting to see if more of Disney’s releases follow this pattern.

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Augie De Blieck Jr. writes:  

Even stranger: No “Frozen” 3-D release yet announced. They’re getting it in the UK, but nothing in our Region. You can’t buy it with the Blu-ray or the DVD or digital or any other way. I’m at a loss to figure this one out. It can’t be THAT blatant a money grab to get the consumer to buy twice, can it? Disney is shameless, but this seems even crazier…

Ed Sizemore writes:  

Looks like Disney heard the outcry. I see Amazon now has a BD/DVD + digital copy combo pack available.


Johanna writes:  

That’s the first movie, Ed, not The Dark World.


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