Marvel Unlimited Offers Rock-Bottom Sample Rate for March

To mark their participation in SXSW Interactive, Marvel has announced that their Marvel Unlimited service, a back-issue streaming library of almost 15,000 older comic issues (nothing from within the past six months), can be subscribed to for the month of March for only 99 cents with code SXSW99. (New and former customers only.) You have to be connected to the internet to read the issues, through a computer browser or the Marvel Unlimited app, or you can choose 12 comics to download during the month. Be aware that, if you don’t cancel before the month ends, you’ll be charged $9.99 for following months, since they use an auto-renewal system.

Marvel Unlimited ad

While Marvel offers issues for individual sale through ComiXology, this is their product, without giving a cut to the digital distributor. 99 cents is about the cheapest anyone sells digital comics for — by offering a much larger library for the same price, I’m not sure whether Marvel is putting out the deal of the year, or devaluing digital comics in one fell swoop.

One Response to “Marvel Unlimited Offers Rock-Bottom Sample Rate for March”

  1. takingitoutside Says:

    I’d say deal of the year. I don’t normally read American comics, but I’ve greatly enjoyed various comic book movies. As yet, I haven’t had any real interest in investing in properties with tons of different series, universes and whatnot, but a dollar for a one-month view-everything pass is incredibly tempting. If they advertise it properly, I can see a lot of people getting pulled in by this.




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