Viz Announces Two Fall Shojo Beat Titles

Vampires aren’t dead yet as a trend, and Viz is putting out a supernatural romance featuring them in October.

Honey Blood cover

Honey Blood by Miko Mitsuki runs three volumes. Hinata’s high school classmate is attacked by a vampire, but she doesn’t believe the mythical monsters exist. Yet her neighbor, who wrote a vampire romance novel, makes her suspicious — is he a vampire? was he responsible for the attack?

Kiss of the Rose Princess cover

November brings a 9-book magical girl series, Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto. Anis wears a rose choker to prevent a “terrible punishment”, but when it’s removed, she discovers she has the power to summon with a kiss four knights from four magical cards. It’s a fantasy quest with a young woman at its center.

Both titles will be available in print at $9.99 US and digitally.

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