The Watchmen Era Is Over: Top 20 Graphic Novels Come From Image, Manga

According to ICv2, the top 20 graphic novels sold in February through bookstores didn’t include a single DC or Marvel title. We know that Marvel’s bookstore sales record is terrible, but it’s surprising that DC, home of perennials such as Watchmen, Sandman, The Dark Knight Returns, and similar long-running top sellers, didn’t place.

The top titles were instead a variety of The Walking Dead volumes, published by Image Comics; installments of the Attack on Titan manga; a couple of Saga books (also Image); and some other manga volumes. According to ICv2, they couldn’t find another month without a DC or Marvel book in the top 20 back to 2008.

Then again, perhaps it’s a good thing that 25-year-old titles have been replaced by something more modern. And you can’t underestimate the appeal of a media tie-in, as Walking Dead has a TV show and Attack on Titan an anime.

3 Responses to “The Watchmen Era Is Over: Top 20 Graphic Novels Come From Image, Manga”

  1. Brad Barnes Says:

    Attack on Titan is dystopian as only Japan can deliver, deep dish nihilism, with children so resigned to a merciless universe that they fight without hope of succeeding. It’s brilliant, and reminds me of the Lost Generation trying to write the Great American Novel and mostly suiciding after gaining massive commercial success, but enough about Fitzgerald and Hemmingway. DC has a stellar team on GREEN ARROW with Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, The Killing Machine has been released as a TP and hopefully folks will pick it up: it’s rip your throat out good!

  2. JoelR Says:

    I think that’s a good thing. There is a are a lot of good modern graphic novels that deserve to be discovered. However with a Constantine TV series right around the corner and the Sandman movie back on the front burner the classics will be back in lists soon enough.

  3. Johanna Says:

    True enough, and a good reminder that we might be seeing, not only Vertigo trades, but Flash collections hit these kinds of lists soon.




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