Archie Archives Enters 1948 With a Cover Surprise

Out this week was the ninth volume of the Archie Archives series, and I’m glad to see it continue.

This installment reprints comics from 1947 and 1948, specifically Archie Comics #29-31 and selected stories from Pep Comics #65-66 and Laugh Comics #24-26. Most of them are drawn by Bill Vigoda, so we’ve still got buck-toothed, pop-eyed, grinning Archie in ridiculously slapstick situations. Many of them are funny but oddly death-defying, as one story features Archie shooting rifles incorrectly and another has him knocking someone out of an airplane.

Archie also babysits, wears a tux and stilts around town for an advertising job, delivers weenies for a weenie roast, watches Veronica’s pet cats, tries out for the football team, dances in a jitterbug contest (with Reggie, since it’s boy pair against girls), and other all-American-teen activities of the era.

The focus is firmly on the redheaded boy, and I missed the wider cast of teens I’m more used to seeing, particularly significant interactions with Betty and Veronica. The occasional story with just the pair of girls highlights their figures, as they fight over new baseball uniforms with short shorts (and a shower scene!) or exercise in their underwear to lose weight for a beauty contest.

Jill Thompson provides a lovely foreword talking about the influence Archie Comics has had on her as an artist and person.

I don’t recall, since it’s been a year since the last book, whether this was true of previous volumes, but I liked the surprise I got when I slipped off the slipcover and noted that the book is designed to resemble the Riverdale high school yearbook. How perfect!

Archie Archives Volume 9 cover

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