X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer
March 24, 2014

I like the mutant movies — yes, even X-Men 3 — but this X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer looks awfully dark and grim. 70s costumes rock, though. I guess, since Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men films, is back, I should have more faith and hope. It’s certainly got an amazingly full cast.

Most surprising to me: I realized that Marvel has *4* movies coming out this summer — Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and this one — while DC/Warner has 0.

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Jim Kosmicki writes:  

i think even more significantly – three different studios. If Marvel had to do them all, they couldn’t do this many. But the fact that multiple studios have had enough success and desire to stay in the Marvel movie business says a lot too.

but DC is doing much better on the TV – not all of their series as of fall can be successful, but Arrow is much more powerful in its small success on a lesser network than Agents of SHIELD’s mediocre success on a major network. Arrow will get to enough episodes to syndicate, which is the real money in the long run.

Johanna writes:  

Great point about the TV/movie breakdown. I still miss my fave DC TV show, though, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailers Build Excitement » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

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