Spider-Man Spokesman for Earth Hour — Tonight!
March 29, 2014

Earth Hour is a global event to turn off lights for an hour as one of many ways to support the planet. It’s tonight, at 8:30 local time. This year, Spider-Man is a global ambassador to promote the event (and the upcoming movie, out May 2). Here are the film’s stars talking about the event:

Sony also put together a video on how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is “the most eco-friendly blockbuster” in the studio’s history. The film had its own Eco Manager, the special effects and sets were constructed with reusability and environmental effects in mind, and recycling, conservation, and recognition programs were established.

One Response  
James Schee writes:  

Eco, smecko. lights out on Earth for Earth Hour is government idea to turn as many lights off at once so the aliens that scan our way this day and time every year can’t see us! :)

LOL seriously though that’s kind of nifty.


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