Today Is Action Lab Day at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC

I worked in Greensboro, NC, for a year a long while back, and Acme Comics was the shop that got me back into comics the second time. (It was the third time that took for life.) I’m impressed to see that they’re hosting Action Lab Entertainment today for a Fan Outreach Event.

Action Lab Acme Comics

They’re going beyond the usual sketches and signings (although those are scheduled, too) to provide some informative-sounding seminars, including a Writers Forum with Skyward creator Jeremy Dale and Ehmm Theory co-creator and writer Brockton McKinney; an Artists Forum with Dale and Ehmm Theory co-creator and artist Larkin Ford; and a Business Forum (covering intellectual property, social media marketing, and pitching a publisher) with Action Lab marketing director Kelly Dale and president Kevin Freeman. It begins today at 11 AM local time and runs until 5 PM.

I’d like to see more stores consider educational elements in addition to artist appearances. What a great idea!

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