Figment Comic Brings Back Memories

Figment #1 cover

When I first went to Walt Disney World and EPCOT (before there were two more parks included in that Orlando destination), one of my favorite memories was seeing Dreamfinder and Figment, his little purple dragon. (This MousePlanet article has some of the history of the attraction where they appeared, Journey Into Imagination.)

So I’m oddly excited to see the newest Disney Marvel comic announced, Figment, a five-issue miniseries starting in June at $3.99 an issue. It’s written by Jim Zub (Skullkickers) and drawn by Filipe Andrade (Captain Marvel); the cover shown here is by John Tyler Christopher. Like Seekers of the Weird, it’s a “Disney Kingdoms” series created in “collaboration between Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering”.

It’s billed as a “steampunk fantasy adventure that reveals the never-before-told origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder and his trusty dragon companion!” Steampunk is both trendy and a good match for the characters. The MousePlanet article wants to hope that, based on this, Disney will finally treat the Journey Into Imagination park area better, but that seems optimistic, since a comic book is a lot cheaper than redoing architecture.

4 Responses to “Figment Comic Brings Back Memories”

  1. Brian Clopper Says:

    I also had fond memories of this from my childhood. I recently took my kids to Epcot. They rode the ride, but it didn’t thrill them. It felt dated and not one of their faves. I am also hoping they consider updating it rather than scrapping it altogether.

  2. Brian Clopper Says:

    It’s also the closest we’ll get to a Lockheed comic, isn’t it?

  3. Johanna Says:

    Ha! True.

  4. hapax Says:

    There *was* a dreadful Lockheed comic (Kitty and Lockheed go to Japan and fight / mate with kaiju or something, my scarred brain has suppressed the details)

    I’d give my eyeteeth for more LEAVE IT TO CHANCE.




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