KC’s Previews for June 2014

KC’s latest Westfield column is his monthly look at what’s in the current Previews catalog for purchase of upcoming items, due in June or later, through comic shops. He explains:

The books on the list this month are scheduled to ship beginning in June, but a great many will be hitting in August, just before comics’ biggest phenomenon — Comic Con International: San Diego — or just COMIC-CON! as most people hysterically refer to it. Traditionally, publishers save their best book projects to release right around Comic Con. That unfortunately causes an overall glut, and often fans miss something important.

Recommendations this month include a super-deluxe Marvel Masterworks set, one of which is a collection of the parody comic Not Brand Ecch, which KC explains the history of. KC also recommends some super-sized collections and even some books from this decade!

Update: And here’s part two of the column, covering paperbacks, books about comics, and collections of classic comic books and strips.

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