The Career of Manga Editing by Those Who Do It

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses conducted a group interview with eight manga editors that’s worth reading. Participants include:

  • John Bae, Viz
  • Rachelle Donatos Lipp, the fan-volunteer Digital Manga Guild
  • Hope Donovan, Tokyopop, Viz
  • Ben Applegate, Digital Manga, Kodansha
  • Carl Horn, Viz, Dark Horse
  • Pancha Diaz, Viz
  • Lindley Warmington, Digital Manga Guild
  • Daniella Orihuela-Gruber, Tokyopop

There is a lot of really good, professional advice here. With such great talents working in such a small field, though, it makes it even more obvious how difficult a job it is to break into.

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