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A mailing mixup means a new contest! I enjoyed reading Say I Love You, a new shojo manga series about a high school romance between a loner and a popular boy, so since I wound up with an extra copy, I’d like to give someone else a chance to enjoy it as well. The book will be available to buy at the end of the month, but before then, you can enter to win a copy of book 1.

To enter the contest, please leave a comment below telling me your favorite shojo manga and why. A winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Friday, April 18.

(U.S. addresses only, please. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)


  1. It’s more josei, but I love Chihayafuru. The sheer intensity that the characters have for their sport is inspiring!

  2. My favorite shojo manga is “Basara.” I got into it first by way of the anime series (“Legend of Basara”), but heard the manga was much more in depth, so I quickly got into that too. The Shakespearean themes appealed to me (bitter enemies falling in love), as well as the post-apocalyptic setting.

  3. I’m torn between Basara and Kare Kano. Both are so immense and beautiful and every time I read them, they tear at my heart in the best ways possible. But boy, could they be any more different! At least Basara is still in print…

  4. I’ll go low brow and admit my love for OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB. Reverse harem, over-the-top characters, wacky antics, and more shirtless pretty boys than you can count, all wrapped up in a surprisingly sweet story about friendship and “found family” — what’s not to love?

  5. It’s kind of a different flavor of shojo than you normally think when you hear the word, but my favorite will always be From Eroica With Love. I love the characters and the capers, and how the author doesn’t take anything too seriously. It still makes me laugh despite being decades old.

  6. NANA compelling characters who are designed so well. Mix of coming of age and romance. Not afraid to go places that aren’t easy.

    Man that reminds me how far I am behind it and need to catch up.

  7. Kevin Lighton

    At the moment, I’ll say From Far Away, just for the little touches like the lead character winding up in a different world and not being able to speak the language immediately or a female warrior who looks like a warrior (or a linebacker).

    My answer will probably be different by the end of the contest.

  8. I hate answering this, but… Ouran High School Host Club. Man, I loved those stupid twins.

  9. Fushigi Yuugi is my favorite shoujo! The story was just so amazing and you could find something to relate to with each character. Its was so hard to even hate the bad guys! And it had the perfect amount of romance and action and friendship that makes it a repeat read :)

  10. I am old and my fav (tho oddly enuff, not my first) shojo manga love is SailorMoon!
    It had all the things I needed at the time – girls saving the world and having icecream and romances and school…

  11. Sandy Rodriguez

    My favorite shojo manga is Ouran High School Host Club. The reason being that it is the very thing it is parodying. It’s a shojo that also makes fun of shojo tropes, like the accidental first kiss. Haruhi is one of my favorite heroines and female characters. She’s smart, sarcastic, and doesn’t care about appearences. All the boys are funny, especially the twins. It’s a romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously- most of the time. A modern classic in my book.

  12. My favorite shojo is Kodocha! I discovered the anime first in middle school, then I loooved the manga. It had a lot of sentiment and humor. Sana is the best character, so willing to help others, plus her growing relationship with Akito is just so adorable. I’ll never get tired of reading it. :)

  13. My favorite is Black Bird. Awesome premise and art.

  14. My favorite Shojo manga is a 3 volume series called Akkan Baby. It’s about this two teenagers, Yuki and Shigeru, who decide to enter start a sexual relationship since they saw two members of the band they idolize doing it. but, since they’re not really versed in the ways of contraception, Shigeru ends up pregnant. The manga pretty much covers their experiences as they prepare for their upcoming baby. It’s a sweet little story that manages to that also make you laugh since Yuki and Snigeru are a serious pair of goofs.

  15. Definitely Emma by Kaoru Mori! The story is so romantic and touching. Mori’s subtleties in her writing and illustrations just grab you out of nowhere. I smiled, cried and laughed. All the emotions! The story is truly a treasure to me.

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  17. Thank you, everyone, for reading the site and participating in the contest. I’ve emailed the winner. And thanks, also, for the shojo reading suggestions!

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