C2E2: Valiant Armor Hunters #1 Pullbox Preview

At C2E2 this past weekend, Valiant was handing out promo copies they termed “Pullbox Previews” of Armor Hunters #1, due out June 11. It was only 12 pages, not counting covers, and over half of it was ads. Apparently this is a summer crossover event. I felt very much like a newbie, since I know nothing about their universe, and this supposed introduction was mostly confusing.

It’s hard to tell anything from five comic pages, but I was kind of intrigued by this design, although it’s very typically “must make females sexy” comic book style:

Valiant Armor Hunters panel

I liked the 3-D glasses evoked through the coloring, though. Unfortunately, I know nothing about this character, not even a name, from the short excerpt given, so I have no idea how to find out more — without signing on for a whole line of comic purchases, which isn’t going to happen.

Also, I couldn’t find any art credits for the preview. Bad form.

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