Maybe This Is Why Warner Doesn’t Know How to Handle Wonder Woman

I got an email from Warner Bros. Consumer Products tying into the upcoming holiday. It reads

[We] are getting ready to celebrate super moms this Mother’s Day with product inspired by the most famous comic book heroine of all time — Wonder Woman. The licensee line-up for Wonder Woman this year includes partners such as Icup, Lauren Moshi, and Junk Food, all offering product that will show mom just how much you admire her!

A comfy Wonder Woman sleeved robe from Warner Bros. is great for snuggling up after a long day, while a colorful Wonder Woman tote from Vandor is the perfect accessory for fighting crime — and for grocery shopping. Wonder Woman aprons from Icup and chic pullovers from Lauren Moshi will also thrill Mom this Mother’s Day. Product ranges from $5-$60 and is available at retailers nationwide.

Certainly, women of all ages can be inspired by the best-known female superhero, but it struck me wrong that DC is promoting aprons and grocery totes when there’s no product push for teens and girls. If Wonder Woman is perceived as skewing “too old” by her merchandisers, perhaps that’s why the powerful princess isn’t being featured as often as she ought to be. (That “chic pullover” looks like a shapeless sweatshirt to me.)

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5 Responses to “Maybe This Is Why Warner Doesn’t Know How to Handle Wonder Woman”

  1. James Schee Says:

    That is weird!

    I got on e-mail from DC today asking me to take a survey on their comics. It was a weird either or type “more like this or more like this” where I had

    I prefer action stories on one side I prefer stories where characters have complicated personal interactions, including romances on the other. Things of that nature.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    How strange. I love Wonder Woman and I love comic book gear, and none of that is stuff that I’d buy. Well, maybe I’d get the pullover for cold winter days when I just want to lounge around the house.

  3. Jer Says:

    head*desk head*desk head*desk


    They have a Magical Superhero Princess who Fights Supervillains and Monsters From Greek Myth and Lives On A Fantasy Island and and they can’t figure out that they can market this to kids?

    I told this story elsewhere, but on Free Comic Book Day my son was looking for age-appropriate trade collections featuring Justice League characters. He had the Super Friends, Superman and Batman collections that they had in stock already and asked about Wonder Woman, because we’ve been watching the Justice League cartoon on Netflix and reading some of the DC chapter books with Wonder Woman in them. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE KIDS COMIC FEATURING WONDER WOMAN ON THE SHELF! And this isn’t the store’s problem – DC just hasn’t published any comics featuring Wonder Woman aimed at kids since, well, probably since Len Wein and George Perez took over Wonder Woman back in 1987. I think there might have been a few issues of DC Adventures with Wonder Woman in them back when the Justice League cartoon was still airing, but it’s not like those collections are still in print.

    (He ended up with a Marvel Super Hero Squad book he didn’t already own because, hey, Marvel apparently remembers that kids who read comics sometimes grow up to be adults who keep reading comics. We also got the Princeless collection because he’s got good taste.)

  4. Johanna Says:

    It surprises me that so many people are aware of that and yet DC does nothing about it. Probably not a priority to the people who think that superheroes are only for boys and grim is the only way to make a movie.

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