On My Way to TCAF!

Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) 2014

This weekend, I’m excited to be attending the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) for the first time! It’s the first show in a while where there’s been so much programming I wanted to see — and of course, many of them are at the same time.

I will be moderating two panels — the first is the Debut Books Spotlight, Saturday at 10 AM, and the second is the Spotlight on noted comics herstorian Trina Robbins, Saturday at 2:45. Which means I can’t go to the panel on Contemporary Erotic Comics, including Smut Peddler, which is at the same time. However, I will be sure to take in the Sunday 2:45 session on Comics Criticism”, promising to explore “What is the state of comics criticism today, in both the public realm and academia?”

Hope to see you there!

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