Filmation Adventures of Batman Due on DVD in June
May 17, 2014

The 1968 Filmation Adventures of Batman cartoon series will be available on a two-disc DVD set on June 3 at a suggested retail price of $19.97 US. These cartoons were first shown as part of The Batman/Superman Hour. There are a total of 34 shorts included, with the following breakdown provided by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

Disc 1

  1. “How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?”/ “A Bird Out of Hand”
  2. “The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze”/ “The Joke’s on Robin”
  3. “Bubi, Bubi, Who’s Got the Ruby?” / “Opera Buffa”
  4. “The Nine Lives of Batman”/ “In Again, Out Again Penguin”
  5. “The Big Birthday Caper”/ “Long John Joker”
  6. “The Crime Computer”/ “1001 Faces of the Riddler”
  7. “Partners in Peril”/ “Two Penguins Too Many”
  8. “Hizzoner the Joker” / “The Underworld, Underground Caper”
  9. “Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up” / “Freeze’s Frozen Vikings”

Disc 2

  1. “Simon the Pieman”/ “The Great Scarecrow Scare”
  2. “My Crime is Your Crime”/ “Beware of Living Dolls”
  3. “From Catwoman with Love” / “He Who Wipes the Ice, Goes to the Cooler”
  4. “A Game of Cat and Mouse”/ “A Mad, Mad Tea Party”
  5. “A Perfidious Pieman Is Simon”/ “Perilous Playthings”
  6. “The Fiendishly Frigid Fraud” / “The Cool Cruel Christmas Caper”
  7. “The Jigsaw Jeopardy”/ “Enter the Judge”
  8. “It Takes Two to Make a Team” / “Wrath of the Riddler”

I’m too young to have ever seen these, but I imagine there are fond memories associated for those who recall them. I’m guessing they have a similar feel to the contemporaneous campy Batman TV show.

These may be the opening credits, in which case, I hope they tone down that strobe effect to avoid seizures.

2 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

Cool I remember seeing reruns of these cartoons when I was a young kid! They looked similar to the TV show, but without the dances and stuff. They were neat for what they were at the time.

Anthony writes:  

I’ve seen the shorts on USA in the mid-90s. They’re similar to the old Batman TV show and the also-Filmation-made Superman shorts of the time.


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