Pondering Previews for May 2014 (Shipping July and Later)

Based on this month’s Diamond Previews catalog, here are some notable items I recommend pre-ordering from your local comic shop or Amazon.

Finder: Third World coverLegal Drug Omnibus cover
Finder: Third WorldLegal Drug Omnibus
by Carla Speed McNeilby CLAMP
Dark Horse Books, $19.99Dark Horse Manga, $19.99
MAY14 0074, due September 3MAY14 0102, due September 10
The Finder story from Dark Horse Presents is collected in color, making it the first Finder book in color. Carla’s storytelling and linework is so strong that I never thought about the series being black-and-white, so I’m very curious to see how this turns out… in addition to just loving her art and series and so being thrilled at a new book.Collecting the three previous volumes of the unfinished manga series under one cover… in preparation for a sequel due in 2015! It’s some beautiful paranormal-themed work with hints of boys’ love.
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5 coverRagnarok #1 cover
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5Ragnarok #1
by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuelaby Walter Simonson
DC Comics, $2.99IDW Publishing, $3.99
MAY14 0389, due July 2MAY14 0444, due July 23
That isn’t the real cover, because presumably the real cover will show this issue’s guest star, who is (excitement building) Wonder Woman! This has been a fun, funny series, and I can’t wait to see a story with the Amazon princess training Daphne and Velma.Walt Simonson loves drawing warriors and dinosaurs, so what better than his own series about the Twilight of the Norse Gods?
Street Angel coverChiggers cover
Street AngelChiggers
by Brian Maruca and Jim Ruggby Hope Larson
AdHouse Books, $19.95Atheneum Books, $10.99
MAY14 0979, due JulyMAY14 1060, due June 11
It’s been ten years since this nuevo punk miniseries originally shook up the comicsphere. Be interesting to see how it reads today. I’m sure it’s still immediate and energetic.I really like all of Hope Larson’s work, and what better time than summer to revisit this story of girls at camp?
Jellaby: Monster in the CityBarnaby Volume 2 cover
Jellaby: Monster in the CityBarnaby Volume 2
by Kean Sooby Crockett Johnson
Capstone Press, $12.95Fantagraphics, $39.99
MAY14 1239, due August 6MAY14 1400, due July
I find it odd that the book is listed on the Previews site but can’t be found on Amazon or the publisher’s website yet. Still, after enjoying the first book, I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.I’d heard good things about this classic comic strip for years, but even so, I was highly impressed with book one. I particularly enjoy the satire; even though this strip was published in the 1940s, making fun of the government is still timely.
Magic Trixie coverMonster: The Perfect Edition Volume 1 cover
Magic TrixieMonster: The Perfect Edition Volume 1
by Jill Thompsonby Naoki Urasawa
HarperCollins, $8.99Viz Media, $19.99
MAY14 1444, due June 11MAY14 1671, due July 16
Jill Thompson’s playful series about a little witch ran three books and ended due to low sales, but it’s still charming in the volumes we got. All are available for reorder this month.Now that Urasawa’s works (such as Pluto) are better known here, and with TV series interest, his serial killer series is coming back into print in double-sized volumes

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